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Discipline Committee

Discipline Committee 2019

Advisors: Mr Phua Huat Chuan Principal


Mr Mak Yew Chong Vice-Principal


Mr Loi Guang You Vice-Principal
Members: Mr Kevin Loh HOD (int) Discipline


Ms Jade Leong Level Discipline Mistress (Sec 1)


Ms Shakirrah Level Discipline Mistress (Sec 2)


Mr Gabriel Yang Level Discipline Master (Sec 3)


Mr Lee Yok Ten Discipline Member


Mr Neo Chuan Ann Operation Manager

Discipline Vision
The school has to be a safe and conducive environment for everyone to work, study and learn

Discipline Mission
To build self-discipline in order to achieve self-directedness

Discipline Philosophy
1. Every discipline case is a teachable moment & learning opportunity
2. Every child matters and there is a star in everyone
3. Discipline is everyone’s responsibility