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Science Department Staff

Science education:
  • To nurture technologists;
  • To enhance science literacy in self-directed and lifelong learners in BBSS.
Curriculum Consultant Mdm Yaw Lai Theng
Lead Teacher - Physics Mrs Julie Quah
Subject Head Physics Mr Chun Sir Kin
Coordinators Biology Ms Dianah Bte Abdullah
  NT Science Mr Syam Lal S/O Sadanandan

Department Brief

As the school curriculum innovation, science teachers are adopting Inquiry Based approach in their teaching where they act as facilitators in helping students to construct scientific knowledge and concepts. Students are trained to become active, self- directed learners taking charge of their own learning.
The science teachers use real life experiences such as currents issues, newspaper articles in teaching. Students are constantly encouraged to see the use and application of science. In addition, activities are organised to show students science beyond the classroom.

Achievement 2013 to 2015

No YEAR Competition Title Award/Achievement
 1 2015 Engineering Explorer Championship in Engineering Science Challenge
 2 2015 Singapore Junior Chemistry Olympiad One team went into the second round
3 2015 International Competitions and Assessments for schools 12 distinctions, 56 credits
4 2015 Singapore Science and Engineering Fair (SSEF) 2015 One student selected to represent Singapore in Pittsburgh as Broadcom MASTERS International Delegate.
5 2014 Singapore Youth Science Festival 2014 All 3 teams selected for finals
6 2014 International Competitions and Assessments for schools 1 High distinction, 13 distinctions, 78 credits
7 2013 Science and Technology at Nanyang Polytechnic Champion in one category
8 2013 International Competitions and Assessments for schools 1 High distinction, 6 distinctions, 64 credits
9 2013 National Chemistry Week at NUS Two individual prize and one group prize
10 2013 National Junior Solar Racer Quarter finals

Key department Programmes and Activities in 2016

No Programme/Activity Title Brief Description
1 International Competitions and Assessments for schools This competition is organised by University of New South Wales. Students are assessed on their science process skills rather than content.
2 Data logger training for students Training was offered for sec 1N and sec 1T students to enable them to capture data during science experiments during data logger
3 DNA / Life science workshop for sec 1E
An enrichment activity for the students where they have a chance to use high end science apparatus and learn more about life sciences
4 Singapore Junior Physics Olympiad, Singapore Junior Chemistrt Olympiad, Singapore Junior Biology Olympiad More able students are encouraged to participate in these competitions, to gain more exposure and to benchmark them against others in the country.
5 Alternative assessments In addition to pen and paper mode of assessment, students are given other forms of assessment such as practical tests, making specialised cell models using recycled materials.
6 Physics Enrichment camp at NUS An enrichment activity which aims to instil an interest in and appreciation of physics amongst the students through providing a highly interactive and wonderful learning experience.
7 Singapore Youth Science Fair This provides a platform for students to showcase their innovative scientific investigations in different categories. Students are given ample opportunities to apply their science knowledge.