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To enable our students to acquire a sound foundation in mathematical knowledge and skills for continuous learning in mathematics and related disciplines, and for application to the real world; 

To nurture in our students the ability to think logically and communicate mathematically, as well as to appreciate the beauty and power of mathematics and its role as a fundamental mode of human thought;

To stimulate students’ intellectual curiosity and encourage the practice of Habits of Mind.

Head of Department Ms Tay Jia Ming Jasmine
Subject Heads MathematicsMr Goh Thye Heng
  Additional Mathematics Ms Toh Pui Yhing

Department Brief

The Mathematics Department is committed to providing high-quality learning experiences and supporting our students in developing excellence in Mathematics. We engage students to facilitate their learning of mathematical concepts and processes, thinking skills and heuristics, and create opportunities for students to undertake problem solving with confidence and enjoyment. We encourage self-directed and reflective learning through varied teaching and assessment strategies, and infuse Habits of Mind into lessons to enhance content learning and foster meta-cognition. To inspire deeper insight and greater interest, students who have high potential are also encouraged to take up challenges in representing the school in various national and international competitions such as the Singapore Mathematical Olympiad and the ICAS Mathematics Competition.


No Year Competition Title Award/Achievement
1 2017 Singapore Mathematical Olympiad
1 Gold, 3 Bronze, 4 Honourable Mention 
(45 participants)
2017 ICAS Mathematics Competition 6 High Distinction, 17 Distinction, 38 Credit, 17 Merit
(100 participants)
2016Singapore Mathematical Olympiad 1 Gold, 4 Bronze, 6 Honourable Mention
(45 participants) 
42016ICAS Mathematics Competition 
5 High Distinction, 19 Distinction, 42 Credit, 7 Merit 
(100 participants) 
2015Singapore Mathematical Olympiad2 Gold, 4 Bronze, 7 Honourable Mention
(40 participants)
2015ICAS Mathematics Competition2 High Distinction, 18 Distinction, 42 Credit, 12 Merit 
(100 participants)
Singapore Mathematical Olympiad1 Silver, 3 Bronze, 2 Honourable Mention
(45 participants)
ICAS Mathematics Competition
2 High Distinction, 21 Distinction, 46 Credit, 14 Merit 
(100 participants)
2013Singapore Mathematical Olympiad1 Silver, 3 Bronze, 5 Honourable Mention
(48 participants)
102013ICAS Mathematics Competition1 High Distinction, 7 Distinction, 56 Credit
(100 participants)
112012Singapore Mathematical Olympiad2 Bronze, 3 Honourable Mention (49 participants)
12 2012 ICAS Mathematics Competition 22 Distinction, 47 Credit (100 participants) 

Key department Programmes and Activities

No Programme/Activity Title Brief Description
1 e-Learning programmes Interactive multi-media online lessons to engage learners.
2 Mathematics Talent Development Programme Math Olympiad preparatory programme for high ability students.
3Singapore Mathematical OlympiadNational Schools Maths Competition organised by NUS.
4ICAS (UNSW) Math CompetitionsInternational Maths Competition organised by University of New South Wales.
5All Singapore Secondary Mathematics Competition for Normal Course StudentsAn online Mathematics Competition for Normal Course students to showcase their talent in mathematical knowledge and skills through solving competition questions.
6Inter-School Sudoku ChallengeSudoku Challenge for Sec 2 students. 
7Lower Sec Math Day Station games prepared by Sec 2 students for Sec 1 participants, for students to learn Math in a fun way.
Mathematics Trail The Mathematics Trail is a school-based activity that is conducted after the year-end examination for the Sec 2 students to help pupils develop an appreciation and enjoyment of Mathematics in everyday situations. 
9Individualised Self-Paced Learning (ISPL) for Upper Secondary levels A programme to promote self-directed learning & collaborative learning. 
10e-Learning DayTo encourage independent learning via online portals. 
11Bridging Lessons for Normal Academic students To strengthen student’s foundation to meet the demands of higher academic levels. 
12Subject Contact Time Structured remedial/supplementary lessons to help weaker students. 
13Prep Exam & Consultation for graduating studentsTo prepare students well for N level and O level Exam.