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Learning for Life Programme (LLP)


To nurture a RESPECTful Leader who is confident and self-directed in serving the community with abundance mentality.

Our Focus:

BBSS Learning for Life Programme (LLP) focuses in the area of Community Youth Leadership which offers students opportunities to develop their leadership character and values through serving the community. Undergirded by the Habits of Mind Programme, the LLP encompasses the twin components of Leadership Development Programme and Values-In-Action (VIA) Programme via two tiers. Tier 1 experiences provide broad-based opportunities for all students, while Tier 2 experiences cater to a specific group of students with higher interest and ability. These two tiers comprise three developmental stages whereby the students first discover their strengths, develop their leadership skills and subsequently lead their peers.

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Key Programs:


Level / Dimension

Leadership Development Programme

VIA Programme

HOM Programme

Tier 2

Advanced Experience

Level 3


Thought Leadership

·       Student-initiated VIA: Project Mi, Blood Donation Drive, No Shoe Day

·       Overseas Adventure Trip: Youth Leadership Stretch Programme

·  Overseas VIA: Project Heartwork

HOM in Action: Demonstrating HOM through Community Youth Leadership

Tier 1

Basic Experience

Level 2


Team Leadership

·       Leadership Trainings: Student Council Camp, Class Committee Training, Youth Leaders Conference

·  Sec 4 & 5 Self-initiated VIA

HOM Lessons

· Sec 2 & 3  Class VIA

Level 1



·       Sec 1 Strengths Workshop

·  Sec 1 Class VIA