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Applied Learning Programme

Learning for Life Programme Committee

To develop BBSS students to be proactive problem-solvers by equipping them with knowledge, skills and values.
Subject Head 
Mr Ng Boon Chong
Committee MembersChun Sir Kin
 Mohamed Faizal
 Goh Thye Heng

Mission and Objectives

The core objective of the STEM ALP is to develop BBSS students to be proactive problem-solvers by equipping them with knowledge, skills and values - Knowledge refers to the knowledge of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, especially in the areas of electronics, programming and data-logging. Skills, are generally classified into hard skills and soft skills. Hard skills include applying the knowledge gained in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, including programming, problem-solving while soft skills include working and communicating with others which are essential life-skills. For values, BBSS students will continue to demonstrate their abundance mentality and show RESPECT for the environment and people.

As technology rapidly advances and impacts the direction for development in the society, there is a need for our students to be given more opportunity in this area so as to stay relevant and delve deeper into the learning in STEM. We derived our core objectives from making reference and staying aligned to the national directives and objectives of Singapore, i.e., developing 21CC skills (Confident Person, Self-directed Learner, Concerned Citizen, Active Contributor), SkillsFuture (to develop skills for the future), Smart Nation (to harness ICT, networks and data to support better living, create more opportunities and to support stronger communities) and Sustainable Living (Sustainable Singapore Blueprint 2015 to plan for a more liveable and sustainable Singapore)

To develop proactive problem-solvers, students need to be equipped with the relevant skills, be provided with ample opportunities to experiment and explore and be inspired to live the school motto which is to be their best to solve the problems so that they can share their solutions with others. The 3 approaches used to drive the STEM ALP are (a) inter-disciplinary approach of infusing knowledge and making connections across disciplines which is already a school feature for the lower secondary levels; (b) inquiry approach towards the acquisition and application of knowledge and problem-solving which is the science department’s central pedagogy; and (c) harnessing technology to gain knowledge and skills about the ever-changing world.

Upon completion of the programme, students will attain Young Engineer Award (Silver) awarded by Singapore Polytechnic.

Key Programmes (2016-2017)

Secondary 1 - Water Sensing Technology
Secondary 2 - Problem-solving via Design Thinking