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Every BBSSian is an inquisitive learner, ethical scientist and empathetic contributor.


To nurture technologists.

To enhance science literacy in self-directed and lifelong learners in BBSS.

Head of Department

Dr Mohamed Faizal Bin Badron

Subject Coordinators

Lower Sec

Ms Janice Lim

Ms Regina Sen


Dr Mohamed Faizal Bin Badron


Mdm Lin Jia Hui


Mdm Dianah Abdullah


Mr Syam Lal S/O Sadanandan


Department Brief

BBSS science department strives to develop and nurture the inquisitive minds of our students through various inquiry approaches in our curriculum such as Problem-Based Learning (PBL), 5E Instructional Model, Modelling Instructional Strategy and Differentiated Instruction strategies.     


The central aspect of the various inquiry approaches lies the spirit of scientific inquiry which promotes the desire in our students to ask questions and plan for research investigations. Our research programme hones the process and research skills in our students to conduct research projects that benefits the society and environment.


Our students are exposed to myriad of activities within and outside of school to enhance the acquisition of scientific knowledge and relevance of science in daily life. We provide opportunities for students to compete in various Olympiads, participate in science research fairs and learning journeys.


Keeping pace with the advancement in technology and the school’s direction in incorporating Applied Learning Programme (ALP) into the science curriculum, students are exposed to the usage of sensors and dataloggers for experiments, enrichment and scientific research.

Key Department Programme

    • Scientists-in-School programme in partnership with A*STAR
    • Science Research Talent programme in partnership with Science Centre
    • Science Research programme for Secondary 2
    • Advanced Elective Modules in polytechnics
    • NUS Surprising Science Series workshop
    •  Smart City and Sustainability workshop for Secondary 1
    • Bacteria Transformation Workshop

Key Department Competitions

    • International Biomedical Quiz
    • Singapore Youth Science Fair
    • Singapore Science and Engineering Fair
    • Singapore Junior Physics Olympiad
    • Singapore Junior Chemistry Olympiad
    • Singapore Junior Biology Olympiad
    • ICAS UNSW Global Assessment
    • Unity Scientific Innovation Challenge with SP & ERI@N (USPE)
    • The ignITE Skills Challenge
    • Singapore Amazing Flying Machine (SAFMC)
    • Marine and Offshore Challenge
    • Crystal growing competition
    • International C. B. Paul Science Quiz


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