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English / Literature

To develop BBSSians to be competent and confident users of English in the global context.
Head of Department Mr Samuie Tarjalia
Coordinators Reading Programme
  Sec 1 EL Mrs Toh Sock Tuan
  Ms Catherine Bok 
  Sec 2 EL Ms Tan Li Shi
  Sec 3 EL Ms Sulogna Lahiri
  Sec 4/5 EL Ms Shakirrah

Department Brief

The English and Literature Department fosters the development of language skills through various programmes rolled out in our school. Such language exposure will provide students with ample opportunities to use language in a variety of contexts, to revisit language structures and skills and to see how language works.

The department organises and explores many activities to build on students’ confidence in using the language.

It is also our aim to incorporate the six Principles of EL Teaching and Learning in all our teaching and learning methods.
The six Principles of EL Teaching and Learning (CLLIPS) are:

C ontextualisation

Learning tasks and activities will be designed for pupils to learn the language in authentic and meaningful contexts of use.

L earner-Centeredness

Learners are at the centre of the teaching-learning process. Teaching will be differentiated according to pupils’ needs, abilities and interests.

L earning-focused Interaction

The teacher will provide a rich environment for communication that will explicitly foster listening and speaking skills and focus on the achievement of the Learning Outcomes.

I ntegration

The areas of language learning – the receptive skills, the productive skills, and grammar and vocabulary will be taught in an integrated way, together with the use of relevant print and non-print resources, to provide multiple perspectives and meaningful connections.

P rocess Orientation

The development of language skills and knowledge about language involves the teaching of processes. The teacher will model and scaffold such processes for pupils, while guiding them to put together their final spoken, written and/or multimodal products.

S piral Progression

Skills, grammatical items, structures and various types of texts will be taught, revised and revisited at increasing levels of difficulty and sophistication. 

Key department Programmes and Activities

No Programme/Activity Title
1 Termly NLB Mass Borrowing
2 EL Workshops for 4N, 4E and 5N students
3 Scrabble Workshops