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Department Brief

Elements of Business Skills (EBS) is an elective subject offered to upper secondary Normal Technical stream. EBS provides many learning opportunities on concepts and skills that are relevant in further studies at higher learning institutes and careers in service industries.

The course provide introductory to basic business activities on:
      • Retail, hospitality, travel and tourism
      • Basic aspects of marketing
      • Ability to come up with simple business proposal and marketing plan

Through various field trips and coursework, it provides a reinforcement of the lesson concepts in real life example.

Key Department Programmes and Activities

No Programme / Activity Title Brief Description
1 S4: N Level Coursework
2 S3 and S4 2D1N Excursion 2 days field studies of hospitality, travel and tourism. 1 night stay at local hotel
3 S3 field trips Local trips to retail mall and city heritage trails to understand retails practices and inbound tourism