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Department Brief

All Normal Technical (NT) students will take Computer Applications (CPA) from Secondary one to four. From Secondary 2 onwards, students will need to come out with project that involved animation and game developments.

The general aims of this subject according to MOE are to enable students to:
(1) acquire skills in using a variety of application software and associated computer hardware to accomplish tasks, communicate, and facilitate activities;
(2) develop an awareness of how computing technology are used in the home, school, workplace and community;
(3) appreciate the role computers play in everyday life and recognize the impact computers have on society and people;
(4) develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Students will be taught 6 compulsory modules in the subject. These modules are as follows:
(1) Computer Fundamentals
(2) Media Elements
(3) Document Processing
(4) Spreadsheets
(5) Multimedia Communication
(6) Media Computing


No Year Competition Title Award / Achievement

 Media Computing Competition
(Cat B - Game Making Programme Scratch File)

Gold & Platinum Award
Javen Koh Wei Yang (3T1)
22018  Media Computing Competition Animation Programme (Scratch File) Bronze Award
Andrew Lim Meng Whie  (2T1)
32017Media Computing Competition
Animation Programme (Scratch file)
Gold Award
(for Animation Programme (Scratch file) submitted to CPDD)
Platinum Award
Kang Jun Wei, Wayne (3T1)
42016 Media Computing Competition
(Cat B - Game Making)  
Gold Award
Mohamad Haziq Irwan Bin Mohamad Kamal (3T1) 
52015Media Computing Competition
(Cat B - Game Making)  
Gold/Platinum Award (Top 10) 
Shawn Pheng Liang Kurnia (3T1)
62015Media Computing Competition
(Cat A - Animation) 
Silver Award
Abdur Rahman B Md Anwar (2T1) 
7 2014 Media Computing Competition
(Cat B - Game Making)
Silver Award
Muhammad Asyraff (3T1)
8 2013 Media Computing Competition
(Cat A - Animation)
Silver Award
Brandon Hon (2T1)
9 2013 Media Computing Competition
(Cat B - Game Making)
Silver Award
Joven Lee (3T1) 

CPA Awards Recipients