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Echoes 12

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The twelfth edition of our school's arts magazine, Echoes, has been published! Here's a message from our student editors:

Our long-awaited twelfth issue of our Echoes magazine—based on the theme of the Singapore Bicentennial—is finally here. Here is a year’s worth of our school’s arts scene condensed into a compact magazine, ready for your reading pleasure.


Echoes aims to raise greater awareness about the arts, while celebrating all the efforts of students and teachers who have contributed to our school’s arts scene. Whether in fields like music, dance, drama, or the visual and literary arts, Echoes offers a useful starting point to intrigue the reader. By kindling such sparks of interest, we seek to ignite our fellow students’ passion for the arts, besides developing and deepening their aesthetic sensibilities.


Our Echoes team this year also consists of both Secondary Two and Three students, which is an unprecedented change. Previously, only Secondary Three students were involved, but now that we have Secondary Two juniors in the team, our seniors can better advise and guide the juniors, empowering them to take the lead in future to promote the arts on campus.


We give our sincerest thanks to our school leaders, art, music and literature teachers, Performing Arts Groups and the Media Club. In particular, we are especially grateful to Mr Ow Yeong, who has guided us from start to finish to make Echoes enjoyable for all parties involved.


Thank you, esteemed reader, for without you, Echoes would simply cease to be. The making of this magazine was fun and enjoyable, and we hope this joy rubs off on you too. Please enjoy your reading of Echoes 12!

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Back Row: Ezekiel Boey (3S1), Fu Chengxuan (3A1), Elsa Goh Si Xuan (2E2)

Front Row: Li Song (2E2), Estelle Beh Jia Fang (3A1) (Chief Editor), Fang Yuxuan (3A1)


You may download a copy of Echoes 12 here:

BBSS Echoes 12.pdf 


Echoes 11 - BBSS Echoes 11.pdf  

Edited by: Malavika Nair (4A1), Elena Lee (4A1), Khasnavis Anahita (4A2), and Sivashanmuga Priya (4A2)