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Echoes 11

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The latest edition of our school's arts magazine, Echoes, has been published! This year is the first in which our student editors have been involved in creating the magazine. Here's a message from our editors:

We are proud to present to you the annual publication of Echoes, marking the eleventh year of the production of our school’s very own arts magazine. Within these pages, you will discover the various art activities that our students have taken part in, showcasing their talents with pride.

Echoes presents a splendid opportunity for students and teachers alike to celebrate and explore new artworks and art forms. Echoes embodies the weaving of individual strings over time: whether it is the beauty of music, the rhythm of dance, the elements of stagecraft, or the nuances of the written word. Whatever the art form, no achievement is too small. Every moment of love, friendship and joy shared in the journey through the arts is worth commemorating. Echoes celebrates this.

Our gratitude goes out to all school leaders who gave their encouragement and guidance for the making of Echoes 11. We are deeply thankful for the contributions of all the art and literature teachers, Performing Arts Groups and the Media Club. In particular, we like to extend our sincere appreciation to Mr Ow Yeong Wai Kit who gave us his unfailing support and aided us ceaselessly throughout this process.

Lastly, we would like to thank you, our highly-sought after reader, for taking your time to read, appreciate and support us during the making of Echoes 11. We hope you will enjoy reading this as much as we enjoyed creating this!

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Malavika Nair (4A1), Elena Lee (4A1), Khasnavis Anahita (4A2), and Sivashanmuga Priya (4A2)

You may download a copy of Echoes 11 here:
BBSS Echoes 11.pdf