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Arts Education

To nurture self-directed BBSSians with the passion and self-discipline to appreciate and participate in the arts.
Subject Head Aesthetic Mdm Nadiah Bte Abdul Nasir
Music Teachers Ms Jade Leong (Music Coordinator)
Ms Cherry Fong
 Aesthetic Committee Members Mr Jared Er
Ms Nancy Bala
Ms Ng Siew Yong
Ms Lu Shan Shan
Ms Kali Sri D/O Sivanantham
Ms Lim Dai Xuan

Aesthetics Department 

In line with our mission, to nurture self-directed BBSSians with the passion to appreciate and participate in the arts, we craft programmes that aim to enrich the students’ learning experience and plant the seed in them for the passion for the arts. Students are given a variety of opportunities to be exposed to enriching arts experiences both during curriculum time (via Visual Arts and Music lessons) as well enrichments that they can draw inspirations from. Besides lessons in the classrooms, our music concerts, competitions and art exhibitions provide invaluable additional opportunities for students to find a passion for these subjects. We encourage students to showcase their work and boost their confidence by organising events like  Airtime concerts, BBSS Got Talent, Arts Carnival, and arts showcase such as Rhapsody: A BBSS Journey.  Assembly programmes and outings to watch musicals and plays also give our students opportunities to appreciate the arts as members of the audience. Care is taken to make sure that students are exposed to different art forms comprising dance, drama, music and visual arts.

Our biennial musical, Metamorphosis, is the brainchild of many hearts and minds determined to grow the roots of BBSS arts scene and is an event the entire school community looks forward to every other year. Additionally, our arts instagram page, @echolites, offers yet another platform to showcase our students' talents in the arts. We aim to provide a vibrant arts experience for every student of the school.

Highlighted below are some of the programs we carried out for our students in 2022

  • School Musical comprising of 6 Performing Arts Groups
  • Rhapsody: A BBSS Journey
  • Creative Speech Enrichment (Secondary 1)
  • Drama and Forum Theatre (Secondary 2)
  • Arts Enrichments for Upper Secondary:
    • Shoe Fashion Design
    • Clay Making Keychain
    • World Percussion

The school and the committee will continue to do all it can to have a vibrant arts scene in BBSS and we look forward to many more memorable and exciting experiences in the coming years. 

BBSS Virtual Art Exhibition

Visit the BBSS virtual art exhibition which showcases the art works of our students. You will get to enjoy an array of art works from 2D Fine Arts to Photography. This exhibition consists of 34 artworks that express our BBSSians' creativity and imagination.

Click here to view the exhibition. Similarly, if you are viewing the art exhibition from your personal smartphone or tablet, download the Artsteps App here to view the exhibition: Android DeviceApple Device


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