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Applied Subjects Dept - D&T / NFS

The Applied Subjects Department comprises the Design & Technology (D&T) Department & Nutrition & Food Science (NFS) Department. 

HOD (Int) Ng Boon Chong          
Coordinator Nutrition & Food Science Mdm Sri Haryati Binte Abdul Hamid

Department Brief

The D&T Department aims to develop pupils to become independent student designers who are effective in thinking, innovative in designing solutions & open to continuous learning.

D&T is the process of inventing or improving things with the application of technology to satisfy practical needs or to solve practical problems (problem-based learning). Through problem-based learning projects, students acquire useful 21st Century Competencies & practical life skills such as project management, research & development (R&D), creative thinking, critical thinking, design & manufacturing. They can also aspire to become designers, architects, project managers, engineers, research personnel, scientists, entrepreneur & other professionals.

The NFS Department aims to educate students to be more health-conscious & better-informed consumers. NFS focuses on how individuals & families can optimize their resources in terms of food, finance & time to meet physical, mental, social & economic needs. It is hoped that students would then apply the knowledge & skills to solve real-world problems through the various activities & case studies.

NFS also focuses on food choices, food preparation & budgeting which provide a platform for the development of 21st Century Competencies among students.

At BBSS, students undergo a comprehensive 3-year programme to prepare them for the GCE examinations in Sec 4.

Achievements from 2016 - 2018

YEAR Programme / Activity Description
MOE CPDD D&T AwardsCreative Adaptation Award (guided by Mr Hady)
 2018 YISS Junior Chef CompetitionChampion (guided by Mdm Haryati & Ms Yap XF)
 2018 RP Hospitality Competition1st Runner-Up (guided by Ms Yap XF & Mdm Haryati)
 2018 SP National Earthquake CompetitionParticipation (guided by Ms Wynter Lee)
 2017 RP iChef CompetitionParticipation (guided by Ms Yap XF)
 2016MOE CPDD D&T Awards
Creative Adaptation Award (guided by Mr Low TS)
Participation (guided by Mr Ho SC)
 2016 RP iChef CompetitionParticipation (guided by Ms Yap XF) 

Key Programmes and Activities

No Programme/Activity  Brief Description
1 Sec 1 D&T – Acquisition of basic designing & making skills, mini coursework
NFS – Food & Consumer Education, mini coursework
2 Sec 2 D&T – Development of designing & making skills, mini coursework
NFS – Food & Consumer Education, mini coursework (IFD)
3 Sec 3 D&T – Mock GCE coursework, Computer-Aided Design (CAD) & technology topics (structures, mechanisms & electronics)
D&T – Upcycling Project for Sec 3T students 
NFS – Mock GCE coursework
4 Sec 4/5 GCE coursework exam
5 Jan SP Engineering Show for Sec 3 D&T students
6 Mar RP Hospitality Competition for Sec 3 NFS students
 7 AprInternational Friendship Day 
 8 AprSP National Earthquake Competition for Sec 3 D&T students 
9 JunD&T Conference
D&T Awards 2018 – Creative Adaptation Award
Sec 4/5 coursework supplementary lessons
10 Jul Lesson study
YISS Junior Chef Competition – Champion
11 Nov Sec 3 supplementary lessons