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Applied Subjects Dept - D&T / NFS

The Applied Subjects Department comprises the Design & Technology (D&T) Department & Nutrition & Food Science (NFS) Department. 

HOD (Int) Ng Boon Chong          
Coordinator Nutrition & Food Science Mdm Sri Haryati Binte Abdul Hamid

Department Brief

The D&T Department aims to develop pupils to become independent student designers who are effective in thinking, innovative in designing solutions & open to continuous learning.

D&T is the process of inventing or improving things with the application of technology to satisfy practical needs or to solve practical problems (problem-based learning). Through problem-based learning projects, students acquire useful 21st Century Competencies & practical life skills such as project management, research & development (R&D), creative thinking, critical thinking, design & manufacturing. They can also aspire to become designers, architects, project managers, engineers, research personnel, scientists, entrepreneur & other professionals.

The NFS Department aims to educate students to be more health-conscious & better-informed consumers. NFS focuses on how individuals & families can optimize their resources in terms of food, finance & time to meet physical, mental, social & economic needs. It is hoped that students would then apply the knowledge & skills to solve real-world problems through the various activities & case studies.

NFS also focuses on food choices, food preparation & budgeting which provide a platform for the development of 21st Century Competencies among students.

At BBSS, students undergo a comprehensive 3-year programme to prepare them for the GCE examinations in Sec 4.

Achievements from 2016 - 2018

YEAR Programme / Activity Description
MOE CPDD D&T AwardsCreative Adaptation Award (guided by Mr Hady)
 2018 YISS Junior Chef CompetitionChampion (guided by Mdm Haryati & Ms Yap XF)
 2018 RP Hospitality Competition1st Runner-Up (guided by Ms Yap XF & Mdm Haryati)
 2018 SP National Earthquake CompetitionParticipation (guided by Ms Wynter Lee)
 2017 RP iChef CompetitionParticipation (guided by Ms Yap XF)
 2016MOE CPDD D&T Awards
Creative Adaptation Award (guided by Mr Low TS)
Participation (guided by Mr Ho SC)
 2016 RP iChef CompetitionParticipation (guided by Ms Yap XF) 

Key Programmes and Activities

No Programme/Activity  Brief Description
1 Sec 1 D&T – Acquisition of basic designing & making skills, mini coursework
NFS – Food & Consumer Education, mini coursework
2 Sec 2 D&T – Development of designing & making skills, mini coursework
NFS – Food & Consumer Education, mini coursework (IFD)
3 Sec 3 D&T – Mock GCE coursework, Computer-Aided Design (CAD) & technology topics (structures, mechanisms & electronics)
D&T – Upcycling Project for Sec 3T students 
NFS – Mock GCE coursework
4 Sec 4/5 GCE coursework exam
5 Jan SP Engineering Show for Sec 3 D&T students
6 Mar RP Hospitality Competition for Sec 3 NFS students
 7 AprInternational Friendship Day 
 8 AprSP National Earthquake Competition for Sec 3 D&T students 
9 JunD&T Conference
D&T Awards 2018 – Creative Adaptation Award
Sec 4/5 coursework supplementary lessons
10 Jul Lesson study
YISS Junior Chef Competition – Champion
11 Nov Sec 3 supplementary lessons


SP Engineering Show, 18th Jan 2018

SP Engrg Show 18 Jan.jpeg

IFD, 6th April 2018

IFD 6 Apr.jpeg

DT Awards, 30th May 2018

DT Awards 30 May.jpeg

RP Hospitality Race, 18th June 2018

RP Hospitality Race 18 Jun.jpeg

YISS Junior Chef Competition, 10th July 2018

YISS Junior Chef Competition 10 Jul.jpeg