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NCC (Land)


Mr Nikhil Nath Chatterji (IC)
Mr Jeremy Goh
Mr Muhammad Yazid
Mr Quek Chin Keong
Mr Terence Chua

Student Leaders

Unit Sergeant Major: Loke Kai Jun
Asst Unit Sergeant Major: Zhang Zheng Yu
Head of Admin: Htoo Htet Naing
Head of Logistics:  Javier Chua Jun Kiat
Head of Training: Xing Haixiang
Junior Cadet Platoon Sergeant: Muhammad Izzuddin Bin Jamaludin
Senior Cadet Platoon Sergeant: Premanand Krishnaa Vasantha
Cadet Leaders Platoon Sergeant: Hau Zhi Ming
Cadet Officer: C/2LT Ang Jun Han Xavier
C/2LT Mohamad Zahyn Zeyneddyn B M Z
C/2LT Ganesan Rishi Bharath
Associate Members: MSG Lee Jen Fai
SSG Tok Keng Hong
Total Strength: 68
CCA Training Days:

Wednesdays -  3.30PM to 6.00PM
Fridays - 2.30PM to 6.00PM


To provide a platform for quality holistic education and to nurture cadets to be self-directed leaders with abundance mentality.


  • To raise the ethos of NCC (Land) and maintain a high standard in the principles embodied in the NCC Pledge and NCC Core Values
  • To promote camaraderie amongst cadets, instill a sense of commitment and belonging & pride and achievement.

The NCC Pledge:

We, the members of the National Cadet Corps,

And youth of the Republic of Singapore,

Do hereby pledge,

To be loyal to the Republic and the Corps

And to maintain a high standard of discipline and performance

So that we, may better serve our country

The NCC Core Values:

  • Loyalty to Country
  • Uprightness
  • Leadership
  • Discipline
  • Commitment and Responsibility
  • Care for fellow cadets
  • Adventurous Spirit
  • Safety

The NCC Song: We Are Ready

Bukit Batok Secondary School NCC (Land) aims to provide boys with a platform to grow holistically, to discover more about themselves and venture out of their comfort zone.

We achieve this through activities conducted by HQ NCC like Camp FORGE, Camp STEEL, Specialists Assessment, Senior Specialists Leaders Course, NCC Fitness Challenge, NCC Road Relay, NCC Sports Championship and the various International Cadet Exchange Programmes to Brunei, India, UK and USA. We also conduct activities like 1-star kayaking course and first aid course. These activities aim to impart to our boys important life skills like teamwork, perseverance, discipline and care for fellow cadets. Our boys also volunteered their services in various school projects like beach cleaning and Project Mi, which provided platforms for them to serve the community.

As the unit grows from strength to strength, we continue to strive for greater heights and excel in every aspect.


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