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Girls' Brigade


Ms Tan Pei See (I/C)
Ms Marie Tiong Sing Sing
Ms Goh Zhi Qing


Ms Jaslyn Long Xinyi

Student Leaders

Company Sergeant Major

Gwendelyne Seo Rui En (4A8)

Assistant Company Sergeant Major

Shernice Tan Ying Xin (4A5)

Platoon Commander 1

Salma Zaman (4A8)

Platoon Commander 2

Liew Yee Xuan (4A7)


Lim Zhi Tong (4A7)


Megan Tan Ying Shan (4A7)


Thirunavukkarasu Harini (4A1)


Suresh Viyazhini Leema (4A7)


Chu Yun Yi Arielene Belle (4A8)

Training Days

Week A: Friday 2pm to 5.30pm
Week B: Wednesday 3.30pm to 5.30pm


The Girls' Brigade aims to develop each girl to her fullest potential by equipping, empowering and enabling every girl to be a leader.

Programme Highlights

We provide opportunities for the girls to be equipped with leadership skills and learn to work with one another as a team. The values of perseverance, empathy and self-discipline are instilled in our programme. Below are some of our programme highlights:
      • Low Guat Tin Challenge
      • National Drill Competition
      • March Camp
      • GB Leadership Conference
      • GB Fortnight
      • GB Friendship Day
      • Outdoor Adventure (Kayaking, Rock Climbing, Archery)
      • First-aid Course

Company Achievements

      • Gold Award for assessment year 2020
      • Sustained Achievement Award for 12 consecutive years (2009 to 2020)