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Girls' Brigade


Ms Tan Pei See (I/C)
Ms Marie Tiong Sing Sing
Ms Goh Zhi Qing


Ms Jaslyn Long Xinyi

Student Leaders

Company Sergeant Major

Soh Xuan Ting

Assistant Company Sergeant Major

Lynette Isabelle Lim

Platoon Commander 1

Greta Lois Lamiao Madrid

Platoon Commander 2

Mak Pingyu Shermaine


Clarissa Wong
Tan Qin Ci


Ong Shi Ting Vanessa


Gooi Xi Fei


Vaidya Sanemi


Soh Enya

Training Days

Week A: Friday 2.30pm to 5.30pm
Week B: Wednesday 2.30pm to 5.30pm


The Girls' Brigade aims to develop each girl to her fullest potential by equipping, empowering and enabling every girl to be a leader.

Programme Highlights

We provide opportunities for the girls to be equipped with leadership skills and learn to work with one another as a team. The values of perseverance, empathy and self-discipline are instilled in our programme. Below are some of our programme highlights:
      • Low Guat Tin Challenge
      • National Drill Competition
      • March Camp
      • GB Leadership Conference
      • GB Fortnight
      • GB Friendship Day
      • Outdoor Adventure (Kayaking, Rock Climbing, Archery)
      • First-aid Course

Company Achievements

      • Silver Award for assessment year 2021
      • Sustained Achievement Award for 12 consecutive years (2009 to 2020)