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Air Rifle

Air Rifle Organisation Chart

Training Days & Time

Monday & Wednesday - 3:00pm to 6:00pm

Friday - 2:00pm to 5:00pm

Teachers in Charge

Mr Chew Yiu Chee
Ms Theodora Soh
Mr Chun Sir Kin


Mr Gu Yong Qin
NCAP Level 1,2,3
Integrated NCAP Level 1
NROC, Certified First Aider & AED trained


Nick Rayan Gunawerdena

Vice-Captain (Training)

Cedric Lee Jun Hung

Vice-Captain (Admin)

Aislinn Chan Sze Ing


Zhang Leyao Aimee
Soh Si Ying Jacelyn
Chan Yi Ting Felise
Wilson Chua Zhong Jun

Logistics ICs

Chan Yi Ting Felise
Nick Rayan
Soh Sher Rone
Lee Jia Yik
Karumuru Krish
Phung Si Jie
Tracy Zhai Shu Huan
Zechariah Chua


Soh Si Ying Jacelyn
Nick Rayan
Ruby Ang Ru-Yi
Lee Jia Yik
Seo Jin Won
Song Zi Yi Chloe
Junius Tee Jun Qi

Assistant Armourers

Chia Zi Min Jenell
Jeral Chong Rui Hang
Abigale Chen
Yau Kai Zhe

Physical Training ICs

Zhang Leyao Aimee
Cedric Lee Jun Hung
Toh Yi Xian
Nathan Ang An Yuan
Ng Le Qi Jessy
Krishnan Monish
Ian Chew Yu An

Cleanliness ICs

Aislinn Chan Sze Ing
Wilson Chua Zong Jun
Lim Jia Min Sarah
Chen Kai Xuan
Chantel Tham Li Qin
Xu Bo Rui
Feng Shiru

Our history

 The Air Rifle Club was established in 1989. It has undergone several changes from an underground shooting range to the rooftop facility over the Indoor Sports Hall. Once again, we will be making improvements and come Quarter 4 2019, the range will be upgraded into an air-conditioned shooting range to enhance the training comfort of our shooters.  

Our Sport
Competitive shooting requires one to persevere, be reflective and patient. It is not about physical strength and power, but composure, mental strength and concentration. Shooters learn to focus on their goals, and work hard. They reflect on their mistakes, correct and make changes and enjoy success doing it. Patience – waiting for the right moment before attempting a shot – is the key to succeeding in this sport. Mental strength, good decision-making skills and teamwork are also key attributes of our shooters.

Every year, our shooters participate in the National School Games (NSG). From 2019 onwards, we also began participating in both the NUS Invitational Shoot and the NTU Invitational Shoot. In 2021, a team of Secondary 2 girls won 2nd place in the NTU Invitational Shoot Team category. In addition, one of the Secondary 2 girls managed to achieve 3rd place in the Individual category.

 Our shooters
 Air Rifle Club enables our shooters to:

develop the required skills, knowledge and attitudes expected of a shooter 

build good character that embodies the BBSSians’ values, vision and mission through trainings and competition
develop good hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills for life
acquire and enhance mental resilience through sharpening and deepening concentration 
cultivate good personal responsibility in safety and skill acquisition 
develop good physical discipline through weekly stamina and strength training
appreciate the passion for competitive shooting as a sport
enjoy and discover more of themselves through the varied activities and also to experience the camaraderie as a close knit team.