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Modern Dance

Teachers-in-charge: Ms Nithiya Bhavani (IC)
Mdm Junaidah Bte Rajab
Ms Ong Gui Fang
CCA Leaders:

Sherlene, Bo Xiu Lin (President)
Low Yi Xuan Reena (Vice-President)
Yong Jia Shyan (Dance Captain)
Hang Pei En Jena (Asst Dance Captain)
Chua Peng Yu, Vievienne (Logistics IC)
Training Days:
Mondays & Wednesdays
3.15pm - 6.00pm

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About Us

BBSS Modern Dance is a tightly-knit club that never fails to inculcate the love of dancing in its members. The dancers work towards a common goal of attaining excellence, and in the process, stronger bonds are forged as they strive to overcome various obstacles and challenges as a family. BBSS Modern Dance promotes dance as a form of art beyond its aesthetic value. A strong set of values is imbued in every BBSS dancer as they embark on this journey, enabling them to discover their potential beyond dance. The club also emphasises on promoting physical fitness and developing the students’ dance techniques and stage presentation. Through these sessions, students are trained to become vivacious and passionate dancers.

In 2019, our students participated in the SYF and attained a Certificate of Accomplishment. The training for SYF strengthened our bond as a team and provided our students the opportunity to showcase their skills, thus building confidence and self-esteem. The dancers also put up a great show for school events such as Chinese New Year celebrations and National Day celebrations.

For 2020, the dance club has shifted its genre of dance to street dance. This move aimed at developing the strength the dancers had in this genre.