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Malay Dance


Mdm Sri Haryati (IC) 
Ms Rafidah Bte Abdul Samad
Instructor / Choreographer: Mr Muhammad Azhar Hamidon
Training Days / Time:
Wednesdays, 3.30 pm – 6.30 pm @ Dance studio
President: Muhammad Bukhari Bin Hamzah
Vice-President: Nur Haslinda Bte Roslan
Section Leaders:

Zunika Bte Mohamad Anuar (1N1)
Nurindah Putri Binte Nuradaha Putra
Training Days:

Mondays & Wednesdays
3.00pm - 6.00pm

The Malay Dance Club, known fondly by its members as Bakti! has established itself as a promising dance group that infuses different traditional genres in its extensive repertoire. It has garnered much acclaim from its participation in numerous events, showcases and dance competitions. 

For Metamorphosis V which was held at ITE West this year, Bakti! staged two spectacular performances – a traditional inang dance entitled “Riang Ria Di Desa” and a hip-hop piece entitled “I believe”.  In May, Bakti! was invited to perform in the highly acclaimed Malay Cultural event organised by Variasi Performing Arts – Di Atas Pentas – which was held at the Malay Heritage Centre. 

In our mission to mould the dancers to become better acquainted with Malay dance techniques, the dancers are given opportunities to observe external dance performances such as Kacip Mas Dulang Permata 6 – Dimensi, Ruang & Masa. Our members also participated in the Malay Contemporary Dance Workshop organised by Republic Polytechnic during their annual Momentum Dance Festival. 

We aim to develop our students into disciplined, confident and gracious young dancers who take pride in their performances.