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ELDDS (Drama & Debate)


Ms Kali Sri d/o Sivanantham (I/C)
Mr Christopher Thong
Ms Latimer Jayanthi Josephine


Ms Chermaine Ang
Mr Gerald Chua

CCA Leaders


Lim Liang Chong, Ryan (3A8)


Alisha Hua Li Ying (2A4) - Drama
Ooi Wei Sheng (3A5) - Debate

Heads of Welfare:

Alyssa Wang Ying En (3A5)
N Tirhaj (3A2)

Programme Captains:

Faleesya Nadyne Binte Shahruddin (3A6)
Kong Hong Yi Keyon (3A7)

Head of Operations:

Toh Mei Jun Sophia (3A3)
Benjamin Yudistira Lee Punyadasa (1A4)

Training Days:

Mondays & Wednesdays

3.00pm - 6.00pm

About Us

Endearingly referred to as 'Meraki' meaning 'doing something with heart and soul' in Modern Greek, we strive to be a unified ELDDS that exemplifies each member's strengths as outstanding and passionate individuals. Through drama performances and debates, we not only gain confidence, creativity and critical thinking but also give voice to characters, stories and issues. Our versatile students, be it in acting or arguing, they are sure to amaze all. Mic drop!



    • Division 3 Debating Championship - Champion


    • Singapore Secondary Schools Debating Championship - First Runner - Up
    • Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation (Drama) Team A - Accomplishment
    • Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation (Drama) Team B - Distinction
    • Raffles Debating Academy Youth Under-14 Debating Championship - Quarterfinalist


    • Division 3 Debating Championship
    • BBSS Arts Carnival