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Concert Band


Ms Jade Leong (IC)

Mr Jared Er

Mdm Latifah Bte Mohamedzen

Student Leaders:

Drum Major:

Muhammad Amirul Hakimi Bin Muhamad (3N3)

Band Major:

Venugopal Prabhu Harshini (3S1)

Instrument Quarter Master:

Shanna Wong Yu Qian (3A2)

Muhammad Zulfadhli Bin Wahab (3T1)

Uniform Quarter Master:

Ng Shi Xuan Kylie (3S1)

Cynthia Lui Shin Ru (3S1)


Ella Tan Jin Woon (3S2)

Committee Members:

Assistant Instrument Quarter Master:

Howard Kong Li Kai (3S1)
Mex Tan (2E4)

Section Leaders:


Ng Shi Xuan Kylie (3S1)


Liow Wan Koon (3S2)


Shirley Yap (3N1)


Muhammad Zulfadhli Bin Wahab (3S1) 

Tuba & Euphonium: 

Ryanne Lai Fang Qi (3N2) 


Shermaine Ang Jie Ling (3A2) 


Venugopal Prabhu Harshini (3S1) 

Strengths and Objectives

The concert band strives to create a supportive atmosphere where students can extend themselves and grow as musicians and as individuals, while at the same time striving for the highest level of musicianship possible. 

Through active participation, students will explore a variety of musical styles and genres. Rehearsals and performances seek to enhance a student’s aesthetic awareness and perception. 

Through key programmes, students learn to display values like perseverance, teamwork, dedication and excellence.

Key Events in 2019:

Participation in the following events:

·         Singapore Youth Festival

·         Band Exchange

·         Band Concert

·         BBSS Annual Awards Ceremony

·         BBSS Arts Carnival

·         BBSS National Day Celebration Parade Segment          

Attend the following performances:

·         West Winds in Concert

·         SSO Demonstration Concert for Band


Key Events in 2018:

·    Participated together with the WEST WINDS, Band of the Bukit Batok Community club concert at Esplanade Concert Hall. ·         

·         Participated in Performing Arts Group Combined camp.         

·         Performed in Metamorphosis VI concert.

·         Performed in School’s National Day Celebration Parade Segment.


Training Days

·         Monday & Wednesday : 3.00pm - 6.00pm

·         Friday (for SYF period only) : 2.00pm – 5.00pm