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Ms Sulogna Lahiri (IC)
Ms Lilin Seah          
Ms Cherry Anne Fong


Chua Kai Xin, Kimberly (4A8)


Shristi Singh (4A8)

Head Of Logistics:          

Edry Rezal Bin Rafik (4A6)

Section Leaders:

Chua Kai Xin, Kimberly (4A8), Tan Yee Suan Eliora (4A7), Gonzales Nadine Maliwat (3A5)

Heng Gerrard (4A5), Darren Oh Kang Zhe (3A6)

Soprano 1
Jesslin Yap Geok Peng (4A3). Nicole Tam En En (4A4)

Soprano 2
Shristi Singh (4A8), Chong Yu Hui (3A7)

Sec 1 Level Heads:

Vera Goh Hui'er (3A5), Teh Rei Qi (3A8)

Sec 2 Level Heads:

Katta Akshitha (4A7), Fidelia Wibowo (4A5)

Sec 3 Level Heads:

Chua Kai Xin, Kimberly (4A8), Shristi Singh (4A8)

Training Days:

Mondays & Wednesdays

3.15pm - 5.45pm

About Us

The BBSS Choir grooms BBSSians into confident and captivating performers with the necessary singing skills. Our Choir is a close-knit family where students motivate and encourage each other to display their love for the arts and keep the passion burning. Not only have the students have blessed with many opportunities to perform, they have also broadened their horizons and mastered choral skills and techniques and developed a greater sense of musicianship along the way. Through regular training sessions, our members learn the importance of teamwork and resilience to push one another to be the best version of themselves. Each month, some of our members are recognised as a 'Star of the Month' - an award that recognises the most hardworking singer who has shown the drive to improve. The Stars among us get a certificate each.

Our members take part in a number of competitions to hone their skills. Such performances continually strengthen our bond as a team and provide fine platforms for us to showcase our many talents. At the same time, our members build confidence and self-esteem. We also received a Certificate of Merit in the vocal examination conducted by the Associated Boards of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM). Furthermore, as we seek to constantly improve, our choir has been going for school exchanges and performing at school events. For the last three SYF Arts Presentations, we have been awarded the Certificate of Accomplishment.

Since the advent of blended learning in 2020, we have started to tap on affordances of music technology to ensure that learning continues. Members use 'Soundtrap' to record singing and gather real time feedback by leveraging on playback functions and sharing their progress with their choir mates. Instead of re-recording an entire song, members can selectively remove sections they wish to re-record, thus saving time, energy and effort.

It's not all work and no play at BBSS Choir. Our members have the opportunity to unwind and build camaraderie through termly games sessions and the annual choir camp. They come together to engage and indulge in games and activities of their choice that interest and excite them.

Through the guidance of our instructors and teachers-in-charge, BBSS Choir continues to uphold its standard of choral excellence.

Key Events in 2020:

Participation in the following events (online):
    • BBSS Appreciate the STARS
    • BBSS Teachers' Day Concert
    • National Day Virtual Choir
    • National Teachers' Day Video

Past Key Events in 2018 - 2019:

    • Voices of Singapore Festival at CHIJMES
    • Unique Voices Concert at the Arts House
    • SingLah at Tampines Hub
    • Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation (SYFAP)
    • BBSS Arts Carnival
    • Metamorphosis VI
    • Certificate of Merit in the vocal examination conducted by the Associated Boards of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM)