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Chinese Orchestra


Ms Ng Siew Yong (IC)

Mrs Jenny Chua

Ms Lu Shan Shan

Ms Tan Li Shi


Lim Jia Hui (4A8)


Tan Si Yi (4A5)

Ong Si Xuan (4A6)


Shona Nicole Seet Ming Zhu (4A6)

Lim Kai Yang (4A7)


Kristen Chang Yi Ting (4A8)

Chong Xuan Yu (3A4)

Section Leader - Bowed String:

Felcia Lim (4A8)

Wong SHi Yan (3A6)

Section Leader - Plucked String:

Evangelista Soh Jia Xiu (4A3)

Alynna Tong Qing Yi (3A4)

Section Leader - Cello & Bass:

Liu Elvissiow (4A3)

Reyna Chua (4A4)

Section Leader - Woodwind:

Pan En Kang (4A4)

Toh Jue Xin Jesslyn (4A3)

Han Zong Heng (4A8)

Section Leader - Percussion:

Geraldine Chua (4A7)

Training Days: 


Odd & Even: 3.15pm - 6pm

Odd Week: 3.15pm - 6.00pm

Even Week: 2.30pm - 5.30pm

About us

BBSS Chinese Orchestra seeks to promote greater appreciation of Chinese Orchestral music and culture and to nurture and groom young musical talents. Students musicians are given many opportunities to develop themselves musically through participation in instrumental master classes conducted by our instructors. With the guidance and the provision of the instruments for their patience, students will be able to build their interest and passion in music.

Joining the Chinese Orchestra has enabled many of our students to develop the skill of being able to play a Chinese instrument. The commitment, perseverance and the need to work together as a team to improve one's skill also enhances the maturity of our members, thus building their confidence and self-esteem. Through this learning journey, students pick up valuable leadership skills and cultivate a habit of continual practice and independent learning as they have to be self-directed in their learning beyond practices in school. With the skills that they hone through their experience in CO, they are also able to use it for their Direct School Admission (DSA) application for next educational pathway in their choice Junior College (JC).

The Chinese Orchestra has taken part in a number of competitions to hone their skills. Awarded with the 4th Distinction in a row for the SYF Arts Presentation, our students get opportunities to hone their musical skills through performances. As one of the most active performing arts groups in our school, students get the opportunities to perform for the annual Chinese New Year Celebrations and biannual combined PAG concert, Metamorphosis. Other than indoor and outdoor performances at notable venues, they also engage in creative expression of music as they challenge themselves to prevent popular music using traditional instruments in school.

Summary of CO's main activities (performances, competitions, and events)





21st Century International Arts Festival

Gold Award

SYF Arts Presentation

Distinction Award


SYF Arts Presentation

Distinction Award


‘Memoirs of Heroes’ concert at the SOTA Concert Hall

Performed together with Keat Hong Chinese Orchestra (external collaboration)


SYF Arts Presentation

Distinction Award


Spring Melodies 2018 at Gardens by the Bay 

For the Chinese New Year Celebration 

SYF Celebrations 2018 at Esplanade Outdoor Theatre 

Received the invitation to perform due to our performance in 2017 SYF Arts Presentation


SYF Arts Presentation

Distinction Award


BBSS National Day Celebration in collaboration with Concert Band

Online concert

BBSS Teachers' Day Concert


Pre-recorded performance items that were student initiated


SYF Arts Presentation

Accomplishment Award

Arts Carnival

Online Concert

BBSS Teachers’ Day Concert

Pre-recorded performance items that were student initiated