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Robotics Club


Ms Shashariza (IC)
Mrs Regina Yip

Training Days:

Even-week Mondays:
 3.15pm to 4.45pm
(For VIA, Learning Journeys or extra sessions during peak competition periods - if any)

Even-week Wednesdays:
2.30pm to 4.30pm

Odd-week Wednesdays:
3.15pm to 5.15pm


Computer Lab 2 and 2A5 Classroom

About Us

BBSS Robotics Club is a gathering for robotics enthusiasts who are:
    • interested in robotics
    • passionate about programming, building and engineering
    • excited to learn how to control robots, fly drones and more
    • always on the look-out for updates on latest tech trends

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Our Vision

In line with Singapore's vision of becoming a Smart Nation, BBSS Robotics Club seeks to equip students with important 21st Century Competencies such as Critical and Inventive Thinking  skills as well as Communication, Collaboration and Information skills.

Learn to assemble robots, design robot creatures and program robotic movements! Find out all about drones and what makes them fly! We encourage teamwork and creativity while applying problem-solving skills and technical knowledge in order to learn more about the role of technology in our world!

Our Learning Platforms & Key Activities

Members of Robotics Club will have fun exploring different platforms of robotics, experimenting with ideas and solving problems. Our main learning platform will be on LEGO Mindstorms and members will also get opportunities to work on other projects involving Micro:bit, drones and more.

Members will also be engaged, motivated and challenged through participation in competitions! Members can gain the experience and opportunity to develop ideas and practical skills to solve real-life problems through competitions such as DrCT Challenge and National Robotics Programming Competition (NRPC).

Participation & Achievements

  • Chips@Schools Competition 2022 - Top 10 Finalists
  • NRC Coderz Coding Challenge 2022 - Participation
  • DrCT Competition 2022 - 1 Gold, 1 Silver, 1 Bronze and 1 Honourable Mention
  • FIRST LEGO League CARGO CONNECT Challenge 2021/2022 - Participation
  • Chips@Schools Competition 2021 - Top 10 Finalists
  • Visualise 2030! Data Storytelling Inter-School Coding Competition - Participation
  • DrCT Competition 2020 - 2 Silver & 1 Bronze award
  • RippleUX Competition 2020 - 3rd position in the Senior Category (Halocode)
  • FIRST LEGO League RePLAY Challenge 2020/2021 - Participation
Learning Journeys and Values in Action (VIA) Programmes
  • Headrock VR (Virtual Reality) Learning Journey 2022
  • Singapore Maritime Gallery Learning Journey 2022
  • Emerging Tech x VIA projects (SERVE) 2022
  • Coastal Clean-up VIA 2021