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Media Club

Media Club Logo.png

Media Club Committee


Mdm Nadiah (IC)
Mdm Rafidah
Ms Fatin (ICT Associate)
Mr Elfi (ICT Trainer)
Chairperson: Ethan Goh Junjua (3A6)
Govindaraj Sivanandam Dhanyata (3A7)
Admin Manager
Tan Tng Ee, Mervin (3A4)
Training Days:

Mondays & Wednesdays
3:00 PM to 5:00 PM
Broadcasting Room

About Media Club

Media Club trains our members to be technology savvy, competent in the use of photography and video equipment, with the edge to think out of the box. Media Club offers an insight into what the cinematography and photography world looks like.

Media Club also offers a wide variety of genres such as sports photography, events and even macro photography. We are fully equipped with high-end gears to capture the art of photography and camerawork in film-making. Students will harness the skills of photo editing and film editing to document various school events and to support major school events and functions.

On top of the technical skills acquired through weekly training, students embark on project work and competitions. On the videography side of things, students also learn to write, direct, shoot and edit their videos. Students are also taught how to use supporting tools such as tripods, gimbals, and stabilizers during production.

Overall, Media Club inculcates values and skills, such as thinking interdependently and persisting - giving them a realistic insight into the world of production

Our Aims

BBSS Media Club aims to:
    • encourage students to communicate their ideas, thoughts and emotions through photographs that they take
    • expand students' observations skills and providing new insights in viewing of the world
    • develop student's creativity through story-telling and videography
    • nurture students metacognitive developments through providing school-based media services and participation in national-wide competitions
    • cultivate students' leadership skills and management of resources.

Key Events and Competitions

    • IDA Maker Junior Course - Arduino (2015)
    • JC Youthchange Challenge (2015)
    • NP-MOE SDMA Video Competition (2015)
    • Google Doodle Contest (2015)
    • IDA Lab on Wheels Schools Visit (2016)
    • NUS NIDA Maker Junior Course - 3D Printing (2016)
    • National Olympiad in Informatics (2016)
    • Republic Polytechnic #youthempowered Social Media Challenge (2019)
    • Media Club School Camp (2019)
    • Safety Starts with Me Competition (2020)


    • IDE Innovation Award (Arduino) – March 2016
    • 1st Runner-up Award (Republic Polytechnic #youthempowered Social Media Challenge) - 2019
    • Top 3 in Youth Category (Our Schools Our Stories Competition) - 2019


    • Innova JC Youthchange Challenge (2015)
    • NP-MOE SDMA Video Competition (2015)
    • Google Doodle Contest (2015)
    • NUS National Olympiad in Informatics (2016)
    • Safety Starts with Me Competition (2020)
    • Our Schools Our Stories (2020)