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Co-Curricular Areas


  • Every secondary school student will take on ONE activity only, which can be either a sport, a uniform group, a cultural activity or a club.
  • Students are encouraged to pursue and specialise in one CCA. However, if they wish, they may opt to switch CCAs during the transfer window.

CCA Transfer window

Students Eligible for transfer

Term 1 Week 9 - 10
Sec 1s only
Term 2 Week 9 – 10 (Post SA1)
Sec 1 - 3
Term 4 Week 6 – 7 (Post SA2)
Sec 1 - 2

  • Sec 4/5 students are not expected to make any CCA transfer as they will be stepping down from April onwards.

BBSS Co-Curricular Activities

Sports & Games

Uniformed Groups

Cultural Groups


Air Rifle
NCC Land (Boys)
Media Club

Chinese Orchestra
One Earth Club**

Basketball (Boys)
Malay Dance
PA Club

Rugby (Boys)
Boys’ Brigade*
Modern Dance
Gym Club**

Girls’ Brigade*

Robotics Club

Softball (Girls)


Concert Band


*      Boys’ Brigade and Girls’ Brigade are Christian organisations. 
 **   One Earth Club and Gym Club are considered as 2nd CCAs and will not be available for selection as a main CCA. Participation is subjected to approval by relevant school authority.