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Principal's Message

Mr Phua Huat Chuan, Principal, BBSS
Mr Phua Huat Chuan

Principal, Bukit Batok Secondary School

A Message From Our Principal

A school draws its identity from the national consciousness that is forged by families, communities and organisations in the country. BBSS is more than 30 years old and in the same way Singapore has evolved its identity in the world, we have forged our own identity within the Bukit Batok community. Like Singapore, we have become unique in our own ways. A heartening example is Project Mi where our students, staff and parents with support of Bukit Batok grassroot leaders collect rice from donors and distribute to needy residents. That this service to the community was initiated many years ago by our very own NPCC cadets is indeed heartwarming. Besides donating rice, we also shore up Singapore's blood bank through the collaborative efforts of our youth leadership team and Bukit Batok CC in organising the annual blood donation drive for more than 10 years.

We are known in our community to be a school that provides holistic education. Our students excel in both their studies and CCAs. A prime example is our NCC Sea unit, where our boys and girls undergo rigorous sea training and develop strong esprit de corps. It is therefore not surprising that they are once again affirmed with a Gold Award in the NCC Best Unit Competition.

Every student goes through their rites of passage at our challenging Multi-Level Activities which endeavour to bond them to the school and challenge them in an outdoor environment. As every group, big or small, progresses from strength to strength, our conviction that BBSSians are capable of being self-directed with an abundance mentality becomes stronger. This evokes a strong sense of pride amongst stakeholders in BBSS which permeates into the community. In this way, we strengthen our identity in the Bukit Batok community.

BBSS was created together with Bukit Batok Town more than 30 years ago and it is only right that we continue to remain relevant and effective in service to our community. We now look forward to the next 5 years of our journey by building on the successes we have achieved in the last 30 years. Our Vision is to be a premier school which provides quality holistic education to every BBSSians. We aspire to achieve this by nurturing BBSSians to be successful self-directed learners with an abundance mentality. Tapping on our niche programme Habits of Mind, we aim to develop BBSSians to be self-managing, self-monitoring and self-modifying citizens with a generosity of spirit and a willingness to value the well-being of others.

Finally, we want to be a `little red dot’ that makes a big difference in the Bukit Batok community and in Singapore.

BBSSians, go forth and Be Our Best!