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School Teaching Team

Level Discipline Masters (LDMs)

Name Designation Ext Email
Mr Md Yazid Ramli
Level DM (Sec 1) 408 muhammad_yazid_ramli@schools.gov.sg
Miss Jade Leong Tze Wei Level DM (Sec 2) 310 jade_leong_tze_wei@schools.gov.sg  
Miss Bibi Nur Shakirrah Level DM (Sec 3) 316 bibi_nur_shakirrah@schools.gov.sg  
 Gabriel Yang YiLevel DM (Sec 4&5) 315 yang_yi_gabriel@schools.gov.sg  

Sec 1E/NA Faculty (AYH / Ms Lim Jia Xin Janice) 

Name Designation Form Teacher Ext Email
Miss Seah Lilin
Maths 1A1 303 lilin_seah@schools.gov.sg
Ms Zhang Yue Teacher
1A1 401 zhang_yue@schools.gov.sg
Ms Ho Ping Ping Crystal
Teacher 1A2 311 ho_ping_ping_crystal@schools.gov.sg
Ms Rafidah Abdul Samad Teacher 1A2 409 rafidah_abdul_samad@schools.gov.sg
Miss Tan Pei See
Senior Tr / CL
1A3 405 tan_pei_see@schools.gov.sg
Mdm Ong Lay Yen Jane
1A4 412 ong_lay_yen_jane@schools.gov.sg
Mr Terence Chua
Teacher 1A4 414 chua_kok_yong@schools.gov.sg
Mrs Toh Sock Tuang Teacher 1A5 308 toh_sock_tuang@schools.gov.sg
Ms Kali Sri Sivanantham Teacher 1A5 407 kali_sri_sivanantham@schools.gov.sg  
Miss Goh Zhi Qing Teacher 1A6 404 goh_zhi_qing@schools.gov.sg
Miss Ong Gui Fang Teacher 1A6 309 ong_gui_fang@schools.gov.sg
Ms Nithiya Bhavani
401 nithiya_bhavani_thiyagarajan@schools.gov.sg
 Miss Fong Cherry Teacher 1A7 313 fong_cherry@moe.edu.sg

Sec 2E/NA Faculty (YH / Quek Meng Chee)

Name Designation Form Teacher Ext Email
Miss Shashariza Bte Jupri
Teacher 2A1 428 shashariza_jupri@schools.gov.sg
Mr Quek Chin Keong
Senior Tr / Physics, First Aid IC
Mr Loo Tin Song Allied Educator (Teaching & Learning) 2A2 425 loo_tin_song@schools.gov.sg
Mr Png Choon Bing  Teacher 2A2 403 png_choon_bing@schools.gov.sg
Ms  Yee Pei Fan  Teacher,
EBS Co-Ord
2A3 315 yee_pei_fan@schools.gov.sg
Mrs Augustin Paul Nancy Bala Teacher 2A3 311 augustin_paul_nancy_bala@schools.gov.sg
Mr Azhar B Md Ali Teacher 2A4 310 azhar_mohamad_ali@schools.gov.sg
Ms Lu ShanShan Teacher 2A5 402 lu_shanshan@schools.gov.sg
Mrs Kavitha Chandran Desai
SH/ Aesthetics, Art, Music & Lit
2A5 209 kavitha_chandran_desai@schools.gov.sg
Mrs Regina Yip Teacher 2A6 307 sen_li-yin_regina@schools.gov.sg
Mr Jeremy Goh See Hon Teacher 2A7 404 jeremy_goh_see_hon@schools.gov.sg
Ms   Soh Hui Jun, TheodoraTeacher 2A7  -soh_hui_jun_theodora@schools.gov.sg

Sec 3E/NA Faculty (AYH / Luke Tan)

Name Designation Form Teacher Ext Email
Mdm Latifah Bte Mohamedzen
Teacher 3A1 306 latifah_mohamedzen@schools.gov.sg
Mr Teo Eng Hwatt Derrick
Teacher 3A1 302 teo_eng_hwatt_derrick@schools.gov.sg
Miss Teng Duan Li June Teacher 3A2 405 teng_duan_li_june@schools.gov.sg
Miss Lau Gek Mui
Teacher 3A2 305 lau_gek_mui@schools.gov.sg
Mr Christopher Thong
Teacher 3A3 312 thong_yew_kwong_christopher@schools.gov.sg
Ms Lim Fang Yin Rachel Teacher 3A3 401  lim_fang_yin_rachel@schools.gov.sg
Mdm Junaidah Bte Rajab
Senior Tr / ML
3A4 408 junaidah_rajab@schools.gov.sg
MrLow Thiam SengTeacher3A4215 low_thiam_seng@schools.gov.sg 
Mr Bonaparte Reuben
Teacher 3A5 416 bonaparte_reuben@schools.gov.sg
Mr Nikhil Nath Chatterji
Teacher 3A6 416 nikhil_nath_chatterji@schools.gov.sg
Ms Leow Suhui Teacher 3A6 401 leow_suhui@schools.gov.sg
Miss Toh Pui Yhing
SH / Additional Mathematics 3A7 205 toh_pui_yhing@schools.gov.sg
MsToong Mei YunnTeacher3A7403mei_yunn_toong@schools.gov.sg
Mr Terence Tan
3A8 406 tan_juntian_terence@schools.gov.sg
 MsNur Khairunnisah Bte Abdul Jamil Teacher 3A8307nur_khairunnisah_abdul_jamil@schools.gov.sg

Sec 4E/4NA/5NA Faculty (YH / Ms Dianah Bte Abdullah)

Name Designation Form Teacher Ext Email
Ms Lee Sek Feng (Wynter)
4A1 302 lee_sek_feng@schools.gov.sg
Mdm Mastuty Binte Mohamed Masat
4A1 218 mastuty_mohamed_masat@schools.gov.sg
Mr Lee Bixian (Jake)
Teacher 4A2 406 lee_bixian@schools.gov.sg
Ms Ng Siew Yong
Teacher 4A2 411 ng_siew_yong_a@schools.gov.sg
Ms Tay Lingxin
Teacher 4A3 305 tay_lingxin@schools.gov.sg
Mr Tan Thiam Chye
Teacher 4A3 317 tan_thiam_chye@schools.gov.sg
Miss Bok Ke Xin Catherine Teacher 4A4 314 catherine.kexin@schools.gov.sg
Mr Pu Siang Beng
Senior Tr / Learning Needs
4A4 402 pu_siang_beng@schools.gov.sg
Miss Tan Li Shi Teacher 4A5 411 tan_li_shi@schools.gov.sg
Miss Anita
304 anita_chandrasagaran@schools.gov.sg
Mr Abdullah Al-Hady Bin Mohamed Salleh
Teacher 4A6 409 abdullah_al-hady_mohamed_salleh@schools.gov.sg
Miss Marie Tiong Sing Sing
Teacher 4A6 413 marie_tiong_sing_sing@schools.gov.sg
Mr Jacky Ong Teacher 4A7 313 jacky_ong_jiejun@schools.gov.sg
Miss Lahiri Sulogna
Teacher 4A7 302 sulogna_lahiri@schools.gov.sg
Mr Er Heow Hong (Jared)
Teacher 4A8 414 er_heow_hong@schools.gov.sg
Mdm Yaw Lai Teng
SH / Chemistry 4A8 202 yaw_lai_theng@schools.gov.sg
Mdm Sri Haryati Abdul Hamid
Nutrition & Food Science Co-Ord
316 / 321 sri_haryati_abdul_hamid@schools.gov.sg
Mrs Ooi Sor Ching
Teacher 5A1 304 ooi_sor_ching@schools.gov.sg

Non-Form Teachers

Name Designation Ext Email
Ms Chua Lin Lin Leah
303 chua_lin_lin@schools.gov.sg
Mrs Yeo-Wong Poh Leng
Teacher 312 yeo-wong_poh_leng@schools.gov.sg
Mdm Yeo Siew King
Teacher 407 yeo_siew_king@schools.gov.sg
 Mr Chew Yiu CheeTeacher 219 chew_yiu_chee@schools.gov.sg 

Tamil Language Teachers

Name Designation Ext Email
Mr Evin Rajasekar
Teacher 412evin_rajasekar_kulanthaisamy@schools.gov.sg
Mdm Vijayarani Rajesh
Teacher 410 vijayarani_rajesh@schools.gov.sg

Contract (CAJT) & Flexi Adjunct (FAJT) Teachers

Name Designation Ext Email
Mr Chia Kwek Fah
115 chia_kwek_fah@schools.gov.sg
Ms Lee Choon Lin
427 lee_choon_lin@schools.gov.sg
Mdm Liew Sui Qiong
FAJT (CL)405 liew_sui_qiong@schools.gov.sg
Mdm Ong Lay Yen Jane
404 ong_lay_yen_jane@schools.gov.sg
Ms Teoh Bee Yoke
412 teoh_bee_yoke@schools.gov.sg
Mdm Sarifah Sopiah Bte Mohamed Yasin FAJT (NFS) 429


MrLee Yok Ten
FAJT (Discipline/PE)
MrNicholas Lim Ming Hee
Ms  Latimer Jayanthi JosephineFAJT (EL/EL Lit)  314latimer_jayanthi_josephine@schools.gov.sg
 Irwin Kao Chih TsungFAJT (D&T)  kao_chih_tsung_irwin@moe.edu.sg 

Counselling and Additional Support

Name Designation Ext Email
Ms Lim Mui Gek Jane
Senior School Counsellor
228 lim_mui_gek_jane@schools.gov.sg
MsCandy Lee AED (LBS) candy_lee@schools.gov.sg
Mr Marshall Tan
Teacher Counsellor
308 tan_khoon_lim@schools.gov.sg
Ms Melisa Lim
Education & Career Guidance Counsellor
- lim_jit_boon_melisa@schools.gov.sg

*Updated as of 25 Feb 2020