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Parents' Support Group (PSG)

Welcome to our Parents' Support Group


A community of engaged parents committed to the total development of our children.


Support and promote parental involvement in the school.

The Parent Support Group was formed in 2005 to strengthen the school's effort in fostering closer ties between school and home.
The objectives of the PSG are as follows:
  • To involve parents in their children's education process
  • To show support in the holistic development of our children in BBSS
  • To  build  rapport and provide support  for parents through  various  educational and social activities
PSG also provides a way for parents to voice out their opinion and ideas through the school.


Question 1    :    How do I benefit by being a PSG member? 

Answers        :    Many benefits await you!  Some examples are:

                1. Partner the school in activities.
                2. Meet other parents and share parenting tips.
                3. Better understand the goals and needs of the school, so as to better complement the school.
                4. Enjoy privileges and priority invitations to our PSG events.
                5. Create special memories just by being involved.

Question 2    :    Does volunteering in PSG take up much of my time?

Answers        :    Join us whenever an event fits into your busy schedule. 
                             There is no fixed number of hours for each member.

BBSS PSG is stress-free and fun-filled! 


We are pleased to welcome you on-board our happy family.
Register at http://goo.gl/6iaqDp today!

For enquiries, please email psgbbss@gmail.com


The PSG aims to play a supportive role in the holistic development of our children at BBSS. We are privileged and proud to be the school’s partner at various events throughout the year. These are some of the activities that we take part in each year.

Sec 1 CCA Showcase — PSG parents welcomes new Sec 1 parents and students with a booth at the canteen. During the showcase, PSG parents mingle with Sec 1 parents, share their personal experiences, and most importantly, recruit fresh faces into our big family.

Sec 1 CCA Showcase.jpg

Project Mi 
— In line with the abundance mentality, PSG is privileged to participate and help provide manpower and transport for the annual rice collection event for the school. Together with the school and students, the rice collected is then distributed to under-privileged homes and organisations.

Project Mi.jpg

X-Country at Japanese Garden 
– PSG members join in the fun, and run with students and staff. We also provide refreshments for the students at the finishing point.

X-Country at Japanese Garden.jpg

Blood donation drive 
– PSG members lend their support to the annual blood donation drive at Bukit Batok Community Club.

Blood donation drive (1).jpg

Blood donation drive (2).jpg

Annual Awards Ceremony
– Senior PSG Exco members are honoured to receive the Partnership Award given by the school.

Annual Awards Ceremony.jpg

Metamorphosis Concert by BBSS Performing Arts Groups
– PSG members enjoy a wonderful evening watching the impressive performances put up by the talented teachers and students of BBSS.

Metamorphosis Concert.jpg

Coastal Cleanup
– A meaningful and educational event organized by One-Earth Club. PSG parents and their children witness first-hand the harmful effects of marine pollution, and do a small part by helping to clean up Pasir Ris beach.

Coastal Cleanup.jpg

No Shoe Day
 – PSG supports this meaningful event organized by the student leaders, in liaison with World Vision. Staff, students and parents take part in a charity walk around the school compound bare-footed. We feel how it is like to go about our daily lives without something that is very much taken for granted in our society – shoes.

No Shoe Day.jpg

Alumni PSG parents sharing session with graduating cohort
– Alumni PSG parents share their experiences in helping their children cope with the stress of National Examinations.

Alumni PSG parents sharing session (1).jpg

Alumni PSG parents sharing session (2).png

Alumni PSG parents sharing session (3).png

Study Night – PSG parents give moral support to graduating students by providing simple snacks during their intensive revision period.

Study Night.jpg

BBSS Open House – PSG parents share with prospective parents and students their positive experiences of the school.

BBSS Open House.jpg

Notable Events

PSG also hopes to build a community of parents who lend support to one another during our children’s teenage years. Other than the sharing of parenting resources at our Whatsapp Chat groups created for each level, we foster this friendship through regular meetings and events. During such events, we also encourage parent-child bonding through meaningful time spent together.

PSG meetings - Interactive meeting with PSG, School leaders and staff, Ministry of Social and Family Family Matters @ School Coordinator and parents. 

PSG meetings.jpg

Get Fit with PSG series – Who said exercising is difficult?  Not when you have a group of good friends and interesting workout sessions!  PSG organises fun fitness sessions for all in the family, including bowling, K-Pop Fitness and Zumba.

Get Fit with PSG series (1).jpg

Get Fit with PSG series (2).jpg

Dialogue in the Dark – Students and parents learn about how the visually-handicapped carry about their daily activities by entering a pitch-dark room.  During the journey, they are guided by a blind guide.  It is indeed a lesson of empathy learnt for all the participants!

Dialogue in the Dark.jpg

Workshops – Students and parents build rapport by creating unique crafts such as terrarium, and learning from experts lifeskills such as self-defence Kapap skills.  Each year, PSG also conducts a workshop to prepare a little gift of appreciation for our teachers and staff of BBSS.  This is our little way of saying “Thank You” for the selfless sacrifices teachers and staff have made for our children.

PSG Workshop (1).jpg

PSG Workshop (2).jpg

Beyond the above involvement, there is also opportunity galore for PSG to attend parenting talks specially organised by Family Matters @ School and other related agencies (e.g. COMPASS - COMmunity and PArents in Support of Schools).