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Direct School Admission (DSA) 2021

Introduced in 2004, the DSA scheme seeks to promote holistic education and provide students with an opportunity to demonstrate a more diverse range of achievements and talent when seeking admission to a secondary school.

At Bukit Batok Secondary School (BBSS), we believe that every child is unique and has innate abilities to be developed. Our school values,  mission  and  vision, represent our collective passion, dreams and aspirations, and guide us in how  we  work  with  our  parents,  community  and  partners  to realise the full potential of our students. We endeavour to build a culture of self-directedness and abundance mentality amongst staff and students. Children are firmly at the heart of our work and we seek to develop the whole child by providing meaningful and connected learning experiences that will allow every BBSSian to develop the right values, competencies and skills to do well in the 21st century.

DSA to Bukit Batok Secondary School

We are looking for promising Primary 6 students who demonstrate talent in the following 4 groups of talent areas that are open for DSA.

Group 1 (Leadership)

Talent Area

Criteria Eligibility for DSA

Selection Processes for DSA

Student Leadership

  • Key appointments in student leadership bodies and/or CCAs
  •  Active involvement in leadership activities/ CCAs /community service
 Demonstrates the following character and qualities:

    1. Role model and good conduct
    2. Keen to serve and lead
    3. Takes initiative and is self-disciplined
    4. Able to work independently and in a team
    5. Resilient and willing to embrace challenges

  • Performance of individual tasks during e-interview

Group 2 (Sports & Games)

Talent Area

Criteria Eligibility for DSA

Selection Processes for DSA

Softball (Girls)

  • Passion to further develop and do well in this game
  • Able to commit to 3 training sessions per week:
    • Skills: Mon and Wed
    • Fitness and Conditioning: Fri
  • Regular member of a CCA softball team in primary school
  • Able to play in more than one position will be an added advantage

  • Ability to demonstrate basic mechanics of throwing and batting during e-interview:
    • Throw 10 balls into a backstop at one base distance
    • Bat 10 balls from a Tee-stand into a backstop with a complete swing
  • Submission of timings for one-base and two-base running speed
  • Confident in speaking up and positive attitude (receptive in learning and accepting challenges)
  • Adaptability to making adjustments. Show keenness to play in more than one position

Basketball (Boys)

  • Passion to further develop and do well in Basketball
  • Able to commit to 3 training sessions per week
  • Have experience in playing Basketball

  •  Able to demonstrate understanding of basketball concepts, teamwork and leadership abilities during e-interview
  • Able to demonstrate the ability to play basketball and execute basketball skills during performance tasks

Rugby (Boys)

We welcome both new and experienced rugby players who are:

  • Interested in holistic development: Athletics, Behaviour and aCademics
  • Passionate to learn new rugby skills and knowledge
  • Passionate to deepen his skills and knowledge to become better rugby player
  • Interested in forging strong brotherhood / friendships with teammates
  • Able to commit to 3 training sessions per week:
    • Skills: Mon and Fri
    •  Fitness and Conditioning: Wed
  • Note: Experience as a member of school CCA rugby team or external rugby club outside school time is welcomed

  • Able to demonstrate ability to pass rugby balls, rugby skills as well as speed & agility during performance tasks
  • Display of confidence and keenness to remain open to continuous learning during e-interview
  • Performance Tasks:
    • Skills and agility test
    • Ball Passing and handling test
    •  Fitness Test



Cross Country

  • Able to commit to 3 training sessions a week
  • 1.6km run time:
    •  Boys: below 6 minutes 30seconds
    • Girls: below 7 minutes 30seconds


  • Finalist in National Primary Schools Track and Field Meet in any of the following individual Track events:
    • 100 m
    • 200 m
    • 300 m
    • 600 m
    • 1500 m
    • Hurdles

  •  Performance in 1.6km run / Beep Test during e-interview
  •  In the event that the performance task cannot be conducted due to COVID-19 restrictions, results of time trials should be submitted. These time trial results should be verified by a CCA teacher i/c or a PE teacher


Group 3 (Performing Arts)

Talent Area

Criteria Eligibility for DSA

Selection Processes for DSA

Drama - English

  • Confident and eloquent
  • Able to work independently and collaboratively
  • Willing to take up both production and acting roles in drama, and/or debate
  • Experience in drama productions, stage performances, competitive debating or emceeing is a bonus

  • Live audition:
    • 1.5 minutes speech on self-introduction
    • 3 minutes drama audition
    • 2 minutes presentation of a song of your choice
  • Able to demonstrate confidence, eloquence, stage presence and engagement with audience


Chinese Orchestra

Meet at least one of the following:

  • Demonstrate strong talent and interest in Chinese Orchestra
  •  Minimum of 2 years playing experience in CO instruments like Dizi, Suona, Yangqin or Erhu etc.
  •  Participation in Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation or any other public performances would be an advantage
  • Achievements / awards in international / regional / national competition an added advantage
  • Achieved quality grade in music examination for any specific instrument an added advantage

  • Live audition:
    • 2-3 minutes a piece to present on the current instrument


Malay Dance

  • Meet at least one of the following:
    • Demonstrate strong talent, commitment and interest in Malay Dance
    • Regular member of Malay Dance CCA in primary school - either contemporary or traditional
    • Participation in Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation or any other public/school performances would be an advantage

  • Confident in speaking when delivering the dance synopsis (2-3 minutes) before the performance:
    • Able to demonstrate knowledge, passion, stage presence and leadership through audience engagement
    • Performance task - Live performance (3-4 minutes) on prepared dance item
    • Able to demonstrate the knowledge of basic Malay dance techniques - either traditional or contemporary


Group 4 (Clubs & Societies)

Talent Area

Criteria Eligibility for DSA

Selection Processes for DSA

Robotics Club

  •  Minimum 2 years of experience in Robotics club
  • Have experience in building Lego Mindstorms sets and fluent in writing codes using Mindstorms
  • Have experience in Micro:bit or drones with basic block programming background
  •  Participated in robotics-related projects in school/external events
  • Represented school in robotics-related competitions at internal/national level

  • Live show-and-tell (10 minutes) of a working robot prototype that the student has built and programmed beforehand:
    • Able to demonstrate knowledge, experience and passion in designing, building and programming robot prototypes

  • Pass an online assessment (10 minutes) that tests for aptitude and creativity/logical approach (computational thinking skills) to solving problems:
    • The link for the online assessment will be given during the e-interview. Applicants are required to attempt and complete the online assessment live during the e-interview


Note for all applicants: Achievements at the national/international level would be an advantage. Applicants may key in relevant information via the MOE DSA Application Portal.

All applications are to be made via the MOE DSA Application Portal. Parents and students are encouraged to choose school wisely based on the student's aptitudes and strengths, bearing in mind the schools' academic and non-academic requirements, and the programmes available to develop the area of talent.

Information on DSA will be available in local media on 5 May 2021. More details on our school DSA selection process/criteria and key dates will be provide by early June 2021. For more information on the 2021 DSA-Sec, please visit the MOE DSA-sec website (www.moe.gov.sg/dsa-sec).

Application Procedure 

You have from 11am on Wednesday, 5 May 2021 to 3pm on Tuesday, 1 June 2021 to submit your child's application. Follow these steps to apply:

    1. Log in to the DSA-Sec portal with your SingPass. Find out how to register for a SingPass if you don't have one.
    2. You can indicate up to 3 choices and 3 talent areas.
    3. You may indicate up to 2 talent areas for the same secondary school. If you are keen to apply for the 2 talent areas offered by our school, you must indicate both talent areas as separate choices.
    4. You may provide information for up to 10 non-school based activities and achievements which are related to your child's chosen talent areas.
    5. There is no need to submit any supporting documents during application. Your child's primary school records (for example, P5 and P6 academic results, CCA, school-based activities, achievements or awards) will be automatically shared with the schools.
    6. Enter your contact details correctly. This allows the schools to contact you if your child is shortlisted for the selection process. Meeting all the criteria does not guarantee your child will be shortlisted/given an offer.
    7. You can update, withdraw and re-submit your application during the application period.
    8.  If you are unable to apply online, approach your child's primary school for assistance.



Date / Time

Application Opens

5 May 2021 (11am)

Closing date for submission of application online through the DSA-Sec portal

1 Jun 2021 (3pm)

Notification of short-listed applicants for interview (by phone call or post)

From 28 June to 6 Aug 2021

Interview sessions

In view of the change to keep our staff and children safe amid the rise in COVID-19 community cases, selection will be conducted via e-mode.

From 28 June to 13 Sep 2021

Notification Letter (Outcome of application)

By 13 September 2021

Exercise School Preference by students

From 25 to 29 October 2021

Notification of DSA-Sec admission results (on the same day as the release of the PSLE results)

Between 25 to 27 Nov 2021 (tentative)

Successful applicants will join BBSS in January in the year 2022. Students will be assessed on both their demonstrated and potential ability to ensure that they benefit from the curriculum offered at BBSS.

Students who are successfully admitted to the school via DSA are expected to honour their commitment to the school, and participate in the activities related to the talent they are selected for throughout their years in BBSS.


·     Contact the General Office at 6566 3121. (Monday to Friday - 8.30am to 5.00pm)

·     Email us at bbss@moe.edu.sg. Please indicate "DSA Enquiries" in the subject field.  

·     You can scan the QR code below for further enquiries: