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Individualised Self-Paced Learning (ISPL) @ BBSS

Individualised Self-Paced Learning (ISPL) is one of the many approaches BBSS takes to instil in students the importance and need to be independent and self-directed learners. It also provides an excellent opportunity for students to apply HOM consistently. ISPL supports independent study where learning is viewed as an active process not a passive one.

Our Objectives:

  • Students learn to take more ownership of their own learning.
  • Students learn to self-manage and self-monitor.

Target Level: Sec 3E/NA/NT

ISPL Stages:

I. Pre ISPL:
      • Briefing of students on rationale, objectives and benefits of ISPL
      • Touch on the mindset & skills required for ISPL
      • Distribution of ISPL packages
      • Briefing & setting of expectations of individual package by subject teachers

II. Wk 1-4 (June or Nov School Holidays)
      • Students plan their study timetable
      • Students go through the notes in the packages
      • Students attempt the exercises set out in the packages
      • Students can consult teachers (online) or consult one another.

      • Assessment - Projects or Common Tests
      • Feedback and Review ISPL