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Discipline Committee


To nurture BBSSians to be self-directed students who practice respect & responsibility.

The Discipline Committee 2016

      • Ms Chamb Cherk Ing - Principal (Advisor)
      • Mrs Peggy Koh - Vice-Principal (Advisor)
      • Mr Mak Yew Chong - Vice-Principal (Advisor)
      • Mr Lee Khoon Peng - PD/Devt Discipline
      • Mr Neo Chuan Ann - Operation Manager
      • Mr Kevin Loh - Dean / Sec 1E/NA (Covering)
      • Ms Marinda Ali - Dean / Sec 2E/NA
      • Mr Goh Thye Heng - Dean / Sec 3E
      • Ms Dianah Abdullah - Dean / Sec 4E & 5NA
      • Mrs Quek Meng Chee - Dean / Sec 3 & 4NA
      • Mr Syam Lal - Dean / Normal (Technical)
      • Mdm Norashikin - PD / Character Development

Respect & Responsibility


  • Maintain self-respect by ensuring proper behaviour at all times
  • Maintain school image (eg. proper school attire, during school functions, competitions, etc)
  • Courtesy
  • Care for personal and others’ property
  • Proper use of school facilities (eg. classrooms, canteen, school grounds, toilets)

  • Punctuality
  • Regular attendance at lessons, CCA, enrichment programmes, school functions
  • Completion and submission of homework
  • Class in order even during the absence of the teacher
  • Honesty
  • Care and consideration for others

Desired Outcomes

  • A high level of responsibility and respect for others.
  • A deep sense of belonging to BBSS.
  • Individuals who value education, want to learn and desire to get the most out of the varied experience the school has to offer.
  • All teachers are engaged actively in instilling discipline.