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Character and Citizenship Education

Character and Citizenship Education Committee

Our Mission:

To instill in BBSSians the Core Values and equip them with life skills that enable them to function effectively as global citizens.

CCE Family

Role Name
Advisor Mr Abdulattif
Chairperson Mdm Norashikin
Vice-chairperson Mdm Latifah
CCE Level Coordinators

Sec 1: Ms Nithiya              
Sec 2: Mr Al-Hady               
Sec 3: Mdm Yeo SK               
Sec 4 & 5: Mdm Norashikin
VIA Coordinators 

Sec 1: Ms Liu Ying & Mdm Jessie Tan 
Sec 2: Ms Jade Leong 
Sec 3Exp: Mr Jerome Leow 
Sec 3NA: Ms Nithiya 
Sec 3NT & 4NT: Ms Wynter Lee 
Sec 4 & 5: Mdm Latifah 
Overseas VIA: Ms Jocelyn Chua
Education and Career Guidance (ECG) Team

Coordinator: Ms Marie Sng
Mr Al-Hady
Ms Ong Gui Fang
Mr Ervin
Sexuality Education Coordinator
Mdm Latifah
Cyber Wellness (curriculum) Coordinator
Ms Jocelyn Chua
Citizenship Education Team

NE Coordinator: Mdm Norashikin
International Student Coordinator: Mr Png CB
Ms Ong Gui Fang
Mdm Tong Wee Onn
Mr Ervin
Mdm Vijay
Ms Liu Ying
Mdm Jessie Tan
Fund Raising Team

Coordinator: Mdm Yeo SK
Ms Marie Sng
Mdm Vijay
Mdm Jessie Tan

Our Goal:

The goal of CCE is to inculcate values and build social and emotional competencies in students. This in turn will develop them into good individuals and useful citizens in a fast changing and globalised world. It develops students through an understanding of the values that define the Singapore society, inspiring them to show concern about the world they live in, and demonstrate empathy in their relationships with others. 

All components of CCE – Lesson & Modules, NE, VIA, CCA and Student Leadership, focus on equipping students with the skills and knowledge, exposing them to different experiences as well as providing sufficient platforms and opportunities for them to enact their learning.

Key Department Programmes and Activities:

In instilling a sense of responsibility towards the society and community, here are the programmes which our students have participated in: 
  • Self-initiated and teacher facilitated Values in Action programme at the different levels both local and overseas. Here our students are given opportunities to care and create environmental awareness, teaching of young children and showing care for the elderly in the community;
  • Fund raising projects such “Share A Meal” & “Bukit Batok CC Walkaton Project” throughout the year. 

Students’ emotional, ethical and social needs are built up through various programmes such as:
  • Cyber Wellness lessons;
  • Career guidance lessons, career day, job-attachment, learning journey to post-secondary institutions; 
  • Sexuality education lesson; 
  • Assembly talks by representatives from the Singapore Prison, Health Promotion Board. 

In encouraging critical thinking and understanding issues from multiple perspectives, explicit teaching of CCE values are carried out through an effective and engaging curriculum by the form teachers. In addition, students are given opportunities to discuss current affairs and national concerns through classroom debates and commemoration of significant historical events such as the Racial Harmony Day and National Day. Through our programmes, we also hope that our students will learn to be respectful and appreciate the diversity of our society. As such, every international student is assigned a buddy and on a semestral basis, we organise learning journey for our international students and their buddies to significant local places of interest.