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Arts Education

Arts Education Committee

To nurture self-directed BBSSians with the passion and self-discipline to excel as audience and participants of visual and performing arts.
Programme Director
Ms Kavitha Chandran Desai


In line with our mission, to nurture self-directed BBSSians with the passion to excel as audience and participants of the Arts, we continue to craft programmes for the year 2016 that aim to enrich the students’ learning experience and plant the seed in them for passion for the arts. Students are given a variety of opportunities to be exposed to enriching arts experiences they can draw inspirations from. Assembly programmes and outings to watch musicals and plays also give our students opportunities to appreciate the arts as members of the audience. Care is taken to make sure that all the different art forms comprising dance, drama, music and visual arts are covered. The highlight of 2016 is our first ever musical that combined the talents of students from our 6 performing arts groups. It was a first for the students to try out singing, acting and dancing all at the same time. We are also proud to announce that the school arts magazine, Echoes will be in its 9th year of publication this year. The school and the committee will continue to do all it can to have a vibrant arts scene in BBSS and we look forward to many more memorable and exciting experiences in the coming years.

Highlighted below are some of the programmes we carried out for our students in 2016.


  • School Musical comprising of 6 Performing Arts Groups
  • Poetry Writing (Secondary 1/NA)
  • Drama Workshop (Secondary 2E/NA)
  • Readers' Theatre (Secondary 1T)
  • Hip Hop Dance (Secondary 2T)
  • Arts Enrichments for Upper Secondary
    • Graffiti Art
    • International Dance (Tap Dance and Broadway)
    • K Pop
    • Hip Hop
    • Bollywood Dance
    • Mosaic Art
    • Ukulele
    • Guitar
  • External Play/Drama for Performance
    • Shakespeare in the Park (Upper Sec Lit students)
    • Forum Theatre @ The Esplanade (3NA/NT)